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Happy Wedding and It's a Boy!

Cards I painted for a wedding and a baby shower last weekend; media - watercolor, pigment liner, and a bit of tempera and gouache. And a bonus picture of me working in the studio I had for about two weeks. They say it's good to keep your work space separate from the place where you sleep, but I've found it's a drag to have to cross the hall to go get a pencil and my sketchbook so I can draw in bed. Apparently, I like to do that a lot.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

Our admin assistant (aka coordinator, aka receptionist) is the most fantastic admin assistant ever.  She is first contact for some of the most difficult and demanding people, while juggling many other responsibilities, and she's seriously that calm and positive.  A card was necessary.  (Man I wish scans of watercolor were more flattering.)

Hug a secretary admin professional today!