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Stray Sod is a month old!

So Stray Sod has been running for a month now, and it's been really great having a webcomic again!  Even the oh-no-I'm-sick-and-there's-no-more-buffer thrill has been an exhilaration. If you haven't seen it yet, why not give it a read? It updates every Saturday.

I'm slowly adding it to different directories and social media sites. For now, you can...

I'll also be participating in NaNoMangO next month!  They're still on LJ, or it now has a tumblr! Here's my first pre-game meme.

Some sketches and things

Here's a quick exchange with Mirre:

And I almost succeeded in doing a sketch every day in March!  Collapse )

Man I feel like all I've done this month is lie in bed.  I know it's not true, but honestly it's hard to remember anything that happened before I caught that bug.  Time to get back into the swing!

Trying Something

A little experiment in productivity.  I've been timing myself for 30 minute intervals, both to see how much I can do in that time, and to see how long I can stay focused on one artistic task.  When the 30 minutes is up, an alarm goes off, and I switch to another project. 

I've been doing this the past two days, and here's some of what I've accomplished:

I think it's working, though I'm finding switching tasks every 30 minutes a little tiring, so I'm starting to cheat a little and spend maybe an hour on one thing, and an hour and a half on another. 

I've just got to find a groove that works.  Since I started my new "irl" job last month I've been sick on and off all that time, so I've been obeying my pounding sinuses and sleeping a lot, rather than whipping them into submission.  So I have no rhythm, and it's making drawing a chore rather than a pleasure.  This cannot be borne!

Sketches: Re-Meeting Characters

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for June NaNoMangO.  I really want to use it to get started on a couple of submissions.  Thing is, I'm doubting the merit of my stories.  Both of them are ones I've had inside my head for a very long time, so I'm not sure why.  Usual creative self doubt, I suppose.

I solidified one script last night, but writing a script is one thing.  I felt I needed to scribble up a couple of characters to see how I really feel about them.  And y'know, I think I like 'em still.  So much so that I can't see limiting their story to a mere handful of pages...  But then, I did first create the story for a full-length animated feature storyboard project back in college.  (Some of you may recognize these pieces:
123 )