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Some sketches and things

Here's a quick exchange with Mirre:

And I almost succeeded in doing a sketch every day in March!  Collapse )

Man I feel like all I've done this month is lie in bed.  I know it's not true, but honestly it's hard to remember anything that happened before I caught that bug.  Time to get back into the swing!

Trying Something

A little experiment in productivity.  I've been timing myself for 30 minute intervals, both to see how much I can do in that time, and to see how long I can stay focused on one artistic task.  When the 30 minutes is up, an alarm goes off, and I switch to another project. 

I've been doing this the past two days, and here's some of what I've accomplished:

I think it's working, though I'm finding switching tasks every 30 minutes a little tiring, so I'm starting to cheat a little and spend maybe an hour on one thing, and an hour and a half on another. 

I've just got to find a groove that works.  Since I started my new "irl" job last month I've been sick on and off all that time, so I've been obeying my pounding sinuses and sleeping a lot, rather than whipping them into submission.  So I have no rhythm, and it's making drawing a chore rather than a pleasure.  This cannot be borne!

iPhone Vanity

I have to show off my iPhone skin:

I couldn't decide what to put on it so I covered it with Zoes! 
gelaskins.com is the site I used, and it was really, really easy--and plenty of other artists' work on there if you don't want to use your own.  (The Mucha skins were sooo tempting...)

Sketches: Re-Meeting Characters

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for June NaNoMangO.  I really want to use it to get started on a couple of submissions.  Thing is, I'm doubting the merit of my stories.  Both of them are ones I've had inside my head for a very long time, so I'm not sure why.  Usual creative self doubt, I suppose.

I solidified one script last night, but writing a script is one thing.  I felt I needed to scribble up a couple of characters to see how I really feel about them.  And y'know, I think I like 'em still.  So much so that I can't see limiting their story to a mere handful of pages...  But then, I did first create the story for a full-length animated feature storyboard project back in college.  (Some of you may recognize these pieces:
123 )