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Sketch: In-tents!

A week ago I rearranged my bedroom/studio, and I blame that for this sudden whirlwind of productivity.  Seriously, I can't wait to hop out of bed on my days off from my "secular" job and get drawing!  Maybe the holiday refreshed my mind, too, but really, I think it's the workspace.  It's flipped a switch in my brain somehow.

But... instead of showing you what I've been working on, have a quick sketchy-ma-jigger.

My boys Sheridan and Derrick. 
I stumbled across some intense music while surfing around, and it made me do an intense drawing. 
Maybe they're both really constipated.

And what I was listening to was "Don't Want You No More" , "The Final Decision We All Must Make" and "Fate."


Took a whole bunch of really old music files off a CD and put them in iTunes.  So many of them remind me of these characters, it's crazy!

Derrick, Tedi and Zoe in the Common Room.  Derrick seems to be the only one invested in the game.

I would really like to practice environmental concept art again.  I blocked out Galay today. 
Really want to get in there and paint it, it looks so lifeless right now.


Calanthra sketches

November 1st and I'm posting sketches rather than doing NaNoMangO.  The procrastination's beginning early this year!

Narcissus finds a friend in Uneide's Aloe.

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Naw, this is just a backlog of stuff I've been doing.  Exploring the Calanthran world is really inspiring my doodle mojo.