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Tree Lady

Don'tcha hate when you're chasing after a girl and a tree trips you and your skirt flips up?

I do.


From a prompt given to me by Vicky.
(Also, this is my second time attempting lines in Sketchbook Pro with the pencil tool, and coloring in Photoshop. 
I definitely like the line quality.  The difference for me is subtle, but definitely present.)

For Myre

I was feeling all mooshy again when I drew Felix and Nina for Myre.  I'm a sucker for a tragic romance.  Larger version on DA

My goal was to really focus on the mood through lighting, so before laying down any colors I was working on the shadows and really plotting where that golden afternoon sun was gonna hit  Almost didn't want to color it afterward.



Took a whole bunch of really old music files off a CD and put them in iTunes.  So many of them remind me of these characters, it's crazy!

Derrick, Tedi and Zoe in the Common Room.  Derrick seems to be the only one invested in the game.

I would really like to practice environmental concept art again.  I blocked out Galay today. 
Really want to get in there and paint it, it looks so lifeless right now.