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Calanthra sketches

November 1st and I'm posting sketches rather than doing NaNoMangO.  The procrastination's beginning early this year!

Narcissus finds a friend in Uneide's Aloe.

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Naw, this is just a backlog of stuff I've been doing.  Exploring the Calanthran world is really inspiring my doodle mojo.

Speedpaint: Senseless Character Torture

Sort of accidentally challenged myself to draw some of my original characters doing the highland fling. This one's for Chy... ;P

By the way, those are all real tartans that they're wearing. From left to right: Derrick - Shaw, Sheridan - Stewart dress, Kyrillos - Crawford, Avin - Forbes, Treager - Menzies hunting. (I knew I was hanging onto that tartan-study-guide-and-identifier book for a reason.)