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Speedpaint: Zoesnort

It's always a little nerve-wracking for me the first time I try to draw on the computer after a complete hard-drive wipe and reinstall. Is the tablet calibrated properly this time? Did I lose all my program preferences? After a week, I finally took the plunge, and into a new program, too. It was time to see what SketchbookPro was all about.

Lines were in SketchbookPro, colors in Photoshop.


iPhone Vanity

I have to show off my iPhone skin:

I couldn't decide what to put on it so I covered it with Zoes! 
gelaskins.com is the site I used, and it was really, really easy--and plenty of other artists' work on there if you don't want to use your own.  (The Mucha skins were sooo tempting...)

Sketch: In-tents!

A week ago I rearranged my bedroom/studio, and I blame that for this sudden whirlwind of productivity.  Seriously, I can't wait to hop out of bed on my days off from my "secular" job and get drawing!  Maybe the holiday refreshed my mind, too, but really, I think it's the workspace.  It's flipped a switch in my brain somehow.

But... instead of showing you what I've been working on, have a quick sketchy-ma-jigger.

My boys Sheridan and Derrick. 
I stumbled across some intense music while surfing around, and it made me do an intense drawing. 
Maybe they're both really constipated.

And what I was listening to was "Don't Want You No More" , "The Final Decision We All Must Make" and "Fate."

WIP and Doodles

Still working away on Galay.

Tweaked the placement of the castle so it's less smack-dab in the center--why do I always do that? 
Trying to make the colors a little less tropical, since Galay is supposed to have a more temperate climate.  Next up, the grass and sand. 
Leaving the sea 'til last.  Dreading it...

Collapse )


Took a whole bunch of really old music files off a CD and put them in iTunes.  So many of them remind me of these characters, it's crazy!

Derrick, Tedi and Zoe in the Common Room.  Derrick seems to be the only one invested in the game.

I would really like to practice environmental concept art again.  I blocked out Galay today. 
Really want to get in there and paint it, it looks so lifeless right now.