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NaNoMangO: Day 29 - DONE!

Woohoo! Done a day early, because I work tomorrow and I know I'll be wiped.

Pages 29 - 30
(Plus concept art and bonus photo of my destroyed drawing pencils.)

Soooooo fun--but I'm glad it's over, only because I have other projects to get to.

Thank goodness November comes just after Halloween, when all the candy goes on sale. My tea intake was far too low this month to support this much creativity. Halfway through the month, I started drinking water. I'm on a water pill, I don't have much choice. I crave water now. Proving I can do it without tea. I just don't wanna.

EDIT: Oh, and because I always give a shout out to the music that sustained me through the marathon, this time I must acknowledge the Something Awful LP-ers for hours of laughter in the background.

NaNoMangO: Day 8

I got ahead one day today.  :D  I'm hoping since I have the next couple of days off, I might be able to do two pages each day and build myself a nice cushion.

Pages 8 - 9 and bonus character sketches

I've done
NaNoWriMo twice, and though I've managed to reach the 50K goal both times and felt rewarded, I am already enjoying the experience of drawing it more.  You post the day's work and get immediate responses from other NaNoers, and you can witness their progress as well.  It's all visual.  There's more of a feeling of 'going through it together,' in my opinion.  I love it.  (Plus, I'm not drawn into arguments in the Plot Q&A forum...)