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I suppose now that Sarah no_mikoto has received them, I can post these without ruining the surprise:

Two Akikos, one based on historical Japanese prints, and one that's just meant for the pretties.  I kinda like doing marker and pencil crayon together, I'd never done it seriously before.  Also, can I just say I'm amazed that years after college, most of these markers are still nice and moist?  'Cause I am.  Amazed.

Joined at the Hips

Meet the twins

They were totally going to be Asian originally, but something about them demanded bleached blond hair and red lips.  There's nothing politically correct about the traditional sideshow anyway...

This has been so well received, I can't stop!  Who's your favorite sideshow archetype?  Can't promise I'll do them all, but there's a lot of wind in my sails right now.

Speedpaint: Senseless Character Torture

Sort of accidentally challenged myself to draw some of my original characters doing the highland fling. This one's for Chy... ;P

By the way, those are all real tartans that they're wearing. From left to right: Derrick - Shaw, Sheridan - Stewart dress, Kyrillos - Crawford, Avin - Forbes, Treager - Menzies hunting. (I knew I was hanging onto that tartan-study-guide-and-identifier book for a reason.)