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Some sketches and things

Here's a quick exchange with Mirre:

And I almost succeeded in doing a sketch every day in March!  Collapse )

Man I feel like all I've done this month is lie in bed.  I know it's not true, but honestly it's hard to remember anything that happened before I caught that bug.  Time to get back into the swing!

Speedpaint: Zoesnort

It's always a little nerve-wracking for me the first time I try to draw on the computer after a complete hard-drive wipe and reinstall. Is the tablet calibrated properly this time? Did I lose all my program preferences? After a week, I finally took the plunge, and into a new program, too. It was time to see what SketchbookPro was all about.

Lines were in SketchbookPro, colors in Photoshop.



I suppose now that Sarah no_mikoto has received them, I can post these without ruining the surprise:

Two Akikos, one based on historical Japanese prints, and one that's just meant for the pretties.  I kinda like doing marker and pencil crayon together, I'd never done it seriously before.  Also, can I just say I'm amazed that years after college, most of these markers are still nice and moist?  'Cause I am.  Amazed.

Sketches: Re-Meeting Characters

I'm still trying to figure out what to do for June NaNoMangO.  I really want to use it to get started on a couple of submissions.  Thing is, I'm doubting the merit of my stories.  Both of them are ones I've had inside my head for a very long time, so I'm not sure why.  Usual creative self doubt, I suppose.

I solidified one script last night, but writing a script is one thing.  I felt I needed to scribble up a couple of characters to see how I really feel about them.  And y'know, I think I like 'em still.  So much so that I can't see limiting their story to a mere handful of pages...  But then, I did first create the story for a full-length animated feature storyboard project back in college.  (Some of you may recognize these pieces:
123 )


WIP and Doodles

Still working away on Galay.

Tweaked the placement of the castle so it's less smack-dab in the center--why do I always do that? 
Trying to make the colors a little less tropical, since Galay is supposed to have a more temperate climate.  Next up, the grass and sand. 
Leaving the sea 'til last.  Dreading it...

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