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If you haven't read this yet, what are you waiting for?

Understanding Comics: The Invisible ArtUnderstanding Comics: The Invisible Art by Scott McCloud

I am kicking myself for not reading this in school when it was "recommended reading" for an animation class.

When one struggles through art college with fine art teachers calling your narrative and iconic inclinations "trivial," one could have used an intelligently-written essay like this to validate one's dreams of becoming a comic book artist. I want to give this book to my cousin to give to his English teacher who gets mad at him for reading graphic novels I gave him for recreation.

But beyond the validation we seem to need as we duck our heads in shame and admit we love to read, collect, and/or make comics to others, it opens up the world of possibilities for comics that even the most seasoned fan might not think about. Because even we who love this art form make assumptions about it. I do. How else can you explain how in my early days I wanted to be a comic book artist but had no interest in superheroes and so I thought it was not the path for me?

The essay delves into semiotics, art history, and even the fundamentals of communication to show how comics fills a void that no other art form can. And comics does it in unique ways that I never really thought about. (It might help to know a little about art history and comic history as certain names are dropped--but not necessary.) In the end I love a book that articulates something I have never been able to say--that the special capabilities of comics are magical for storytelling, and why.

And I find it hilarious that it's an essay on comics in comic form. Perfection.

So don't put off reading this book. Whether you love comics and want to expand your understanding, are any kind of storyteller, or have just a passing curiosity, this is a must read. I regret taking so long!


iPhone Vanity

I have to show off my iPhone skin:

I couldn't decide what to put on it so I covered it with Zoes! 
gelaskins.com is the site I used, and it was really, really easy--and plenty of other artists' work on there if you don't want to use your own.  (The Mucha skins were sooo tempting...)

Holy SpaceHopperClementineTequilaSunrisePumpkin Batman!

Sometimes I get down on myself for not being a well-informed nerd, and so not fitting in to any specific geek-dom.  Faith in my own geekery was restored yesterday when my step-cousin, another Visual Communications alum, gave me this:

Dude.  It's. 
A Pantone mug

Orange 021 C to be precise.  Many people would just say, "It's an orange mug."  But we know.  

We.  Know.

(So yes, I've been back from Disney World for a while now.  But I've been really unfocused.)

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