Tree Lady

Don'tcha hate when you're chasing after a girl and a tree trips you and your skirt flips up?

I do.


From a prompt given to me by Vicky.
(Also, this is my second time attempting lines in Sketchbook Pro with the pencil tool, and coloring in Photoshop. 
I definitely like the line quality.  The difference for me is subtle, but definitely present.)

Speedpaint: Zoesnort

It's always a little nerve-wracking for me the first time I try to draw on the computer after a complete hard-drive wipe and reinstall. Is the tablet calibrated properly this time? Did I lose all my program preferences? After a week, I finally took the plunge, and into a new program, too. It was time to see what SketchbookPro was all about.

Lines were in SketchbookPro, colors in Photoshop.



I suppose now that Sarah no_mikoto has received them, I can post these without ruining the surprise:

Two Akikos, one based on historical Japanese prints, and one that's just meant for the pretties.  I kinda like doing marker and pencil crayon together, I'd never done it seriously before.  Also, can I just say I'm amazed that years after college, most of these markers are still nice and moist?  'Cause I am.  Amazed.

Trying Something

A little experiment in productivity.  I've been timing myself for 30 minute intervals, both to see how much I can do in that time, and to see how long I can stay focused on one artistic task.  When the 30 minutes is up, an alarm goes off, and I switch to another project. 

I've been doing this the past two days, and here's some of what I've accomplished:

I think it's working, though I'm finding switching tasks every 30 minutes a little tiring, so I'm starting to cheat a little and spend maybe an hour on one thing, and an hour and a half on another. 

I've just got to find a groove that works.  Since I started my new "irl" job last month I've been sick on and off all that time, so I've been obeying my pounding sinuses and sleeping a lot, rather than whipping them into submission.  So I have no rhythm, and it's making drawing a chore rather than a pleasure.  This cannot be borne!